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      Kellers Auto Body Towing and Recovery Incorporated has a proven record for their reputation in the auto body collision repair industry since Kellers Auto Body was established back in 1953. 

     Andrew Keller was the initial owner and president of the company before retiring in the mid 80's and handing down the business to his son, Matt. The family name is ever so popular in the northeast region of the U.S. due to their track record with customers and their distributors that has spanned over 50 years. Kellers equals superior quality when it comes to collision repair.


Phone: (570) 374-4333



                   Quality  And  Service

   Kellers Auto Body is the home to ten certified employees who excel in the refinishing of vehicles in the collision repair industry. The Towing and Recovery side of the business is available 24 hours, seven days a week and employs another fifteen certified employees to handle any recovery scene they are handed. 


Heavy  Duty  Towing  And  Recovery

     In 2000, Kellers expanded their family collision business to the heavy towing and recovery of eighteen wheeled vehicles.  They have since added two new shop locations to assist in more of a geographical widespread area of Pennsylvania.

     Besides the 50 year old facility in Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, Kellers has now added locations in Liverpool, Pa. and New Columbia, Pa.  The New Columbia location, which is near Interstate 80, was added in 2004 to assist the  need for the towing and recovery jobs throughout the main Interstate that runs east and west through the entire state of Pa. The Liverpool location was established in 2000, and is centered between Selinsgrove and Harrisburg, which hosts numerous Interstate highways that surround the city of Harrisburg.      

    Kellers arsenal of tow vehicles consists of six monster tow rigs. The biggest of the stable is a 50 ton Rotator tow crane. Kellers also has five 30 ton wreckers that are housed at all three locations. In addition, they have several medium duty wreckers, medium roll backs, a low boy, skid steer, and a 4/4 wrecker as well.  Kellers Towing and Recovery has all the equipment needed to perform every duty at a recovery scene, no matter how big or small the job is.